For 40 years the International Academy of Martial Arts based in Ticino

  • “The fidelity of a teaching depends on its cultural roots and direct lineage: these are the qualities that distinguish our Academy”

    (Master Isidoro Li Pira)

Welcome to IACMA

Based in Ticino for more than 40 years, IACMA, the international Academy of Chinese Martial Arts, Cai Li Fo and Taijiquan is a “leader” in the formation of Chinese disciplines. IACMA teachings are based on each student’s education and personal growth to gain valuable tools in his daily, emotional, social and professional reality.


The Chinese disciplines taught to understand and cultivate the spirit inherent in the body and mind are reflected in the personal energetic vitality. Each individual can enter into the universe of these disciplines by choosing the best method according to his natural qualities. All that can be learned in a specific and professional environment, where one is given a chance to train as a teacher, grow as a qualified student, or educate oneself and create a healthy balance with one’s own life.

Known as the art of the primordial spirit: learn more

Discipline that strengthens the energetic vitality of the subtle body: learn more

The alchemical culture of the transformative body: learn more

A deep and radical journey to know the primordial mind: learn more

Also transliterated as Gongfu Cailifo, it is a radical style coming from the Shaolin school. Therefore, it is integrated with all those strategies suitable to strengthen the individual’s personality, self-esteem, and knowledge of dynamic energies: learn more

The modern interpretation of Kung Fu. An ideal synthesis of fluid techniques and fast, precise movements: learn more

An adaptive defense education system for individual needs: learn more: learn more

Fighting in triple application: learn more

Explosive boxing, a complete system of general combat training: learn more

The art of energetic and therapeutic massage: learn more

The art of Chinese calligraph: learn more




From 23th june to 3th july
(10 days of intensive practice )
Dr. Wang Zhixiang and M° Isidoro Li Pira
Rovigno: Hotel Istra Island: www.maistra.com

Reservation within 20th january 2024


Water Form Taijiquan and Qigong video course

Master Isidoro Li Pira

He currently holds the position of Master and, hands down, the teachings of four Masters, keepers of their respective traditional schools. He is honorary president and technician of I.A.C.M.A., through which he operates internationally in collaboration with other organizations. He is one of the few Western personalities awarded with the degree of Master. As a depositary, he directly organizes, promotes and teaches martial arts and related disciplines with the same purity as they have been handed down to him. Nowadays, he is the only Western technician in Europe with such experience in martial disciplines.

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we are in Lugano, in Via Sonvico 9 – between Cinestar and Coop Resega


Come una barca sull’acqua

Dalla presentazione: "Quello che avete per le mani non è un manuale per imparare il Taijiquan. Oggi se ne possono rintracciare molti, ma è illusorio pensare di appropriarsi di quest’arte leggendo un libro perché, secondo la tradizione,…

Stage d’été Taiji et Qigong 2022

Encore une fois, nous aurons le plaisir de recevoir Isidoro Li Pira, professeur en plusieurs disciplines chinoises, dont le Qigong, le Taijiquan, le Gongfu, le Hsing y chuan et le Bagua, et instructeur selon le programme d’enseignement international…


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