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Kungfu Choy Lee Fut

Traditional Gongfu

The art of Gongfu is focused on extracting from every one the best of his physical, mental and spiritual potential. It requires a significant commitment to practice so that those qualities that educate to self-discipline and self-determination arise naturally. This is the true spirit of Gongfu: art that gives back to each individual all the tools for his growth.

Gong Fu Wu Shu

Modern Martial Kung Fu

The most modern interpretation of Chinese martial arts is the ideal synthesis between fluid techniques and fast and precise movements. Playing the martial arts game, for children from the age of 4 years, is a spontaneous way to feel themselves in the body and the space. Comparable at first glance to dance, then to a Chinese circus gymnastics, more than to a combat discipline, it hides within itself a path, which evolves with the student and leads him to use the maximum of its dynamic and strategic potential.

IFS Istinctive Fighting System

Instinctive Fighting System

Unlike traditional martial disciplines, the IFS “Instinctive Fighting System” is an excellent adaptive system, specific for anyone wishing to approach the martial World to gain the power to develop in its daily, private, social or professional life.

Sanda San Shou

Sanda Sports Fighting

It is the Chinese equivalent of combat sports for competitions. But it is also a good system to educate individual safeguard. It originates from the traditional martial arts, only after having matured the respect for the other that the student engages in the competitive context. Sanda integrates three applicative didactic contexts (short, medium and long tactical distance) to adapt to any actual situation and circumstance.

Shoot Boxing

Explosive Boxing

Attention, concentration and alertness are instincts that, if awakened, become an explosive potential in life. There is nothing to suppress but to control. These are the assumptions that make “Explosive Boxing” a unique combat system. For its intensive training for the diversity of didactic fields of application, this fighting discipline is reserved for experienced people.

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