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Known as the art of the “primal spirit,” Taijiquan is a martial discipline enclosing all the practical aspects of defense, the ethical-cultural of Chinese philosophy and TCM health hygiene.

At the very beginning of its practice, Taijiquan was based on the deep anatomical study of the movement, on the correct use of breathing and the learning of the scientific principles that regulate the physiological functions of the dynamic action. On a deeper level, it can be identified as the scientific martial culture that more than others have influenced today’s interpretation of Eastern disciplines together with Indian Yoga. Taijiquan is not only referred to the scientific world, for its peculiarities aimed at preserving individual health and for these characteristics, proven over time, has been recognized by UNESCO as universal heritage.

As a discipline of high cultural value, together with Gongfu, Taijiquan is considered a highlight at IACMA. Master Li Pira is the spokesman of thirty years of experience gained under the guidance of great Chinese experts. The specificity of the Taijiquan system thought by IACMA Academy is that of the “Water Form.” A system that integrates all previous experiences (Chen, Yang, Wu) condensed in the principles that are the ultimate root of the art of Taiji.

The teaching has as a primary goal of becoming a practical instrument quickly for the student. For this to happen, the teaching concentrates its efforts on integrating the principles of the art of Taiji evolutionarily, together with the understanding of the internal work of Qigong and the philosophical canons of meditation. Through a unique study, the profound relationship between matter and energy reveals the language of Taijiquan, allowing the practitioner to reach a high understanding of his “self” and the balances of nature, to discover and develop innate capacities and potentialities previously unknown.

IACMA is the European headquarter of the “Water Form” school and Master Isidoro Li Pira is the highest exponent in charge of the training, delegated by M° Wang Zhixiang. Therefore, it is possible to attend continuous training to obtain the highest recognition in the international field.

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The school of Water Form: the lineage and Master Wang Zhixiang

The meeting with Master Wang Zhixiang has profoundly influenced our school in the first years of the year two thousand. Faithful to the teachings received from his precious Master Wang Zhanghong, he is the “School of the Water Form leader.” A school that stands out for its ability to transcend any didactic distinction coming from different Taijiquan styles, allowing this discipline to become accessible. The School of the Water Form refers to the natural element that evokes the image of a world in constant transformation, able to express strength and softness at the same time without changing its shape.

Master Wang Zhanhong was a great art critic, a scholar of Buddhist philosophy and a prestigious Master of martial arts, such as Xingyi Quan, Bagua Quan and Taijiquan. His experience and determination made him famous, both in China and Indonesia and in the United States, where he was officially praised at the White House by President Regan. From his great experience, Master Wang ZH has been able to elaborate an integral system of Taijiquan. Every style is never discriminated against, as every occasion finds its place in the evolution of qualitative principles.

All this requires great and intense work, aimed at cleaning up the body and disarming the mind, to understand that vacuity (emptiness) is at the origin of activity and consciousness.

Master Wang Zhixiang, on the other hand, is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), specialized in Neigong Tuina healing massage, graduated under the guidance of Dr. Lee Yanfong, the first student himself of Dr. Lu Shouyan. She was the highest authority authorized to train doctors specializing in TCM after the Cultural Revolution. A renowned scholar of Chinese culture and philosophy, Dr. Wang is also an accredited Master of calligraphy and internal traditional martial arts (Xingyi, Taiji -Yang and Wu, and medical and martial Qi Gong). In his motherland, he holds the position of Vice-President of the Shanghai Martial Arts Association, a recognized leader of the sixth current of Taijiquan styles, “Chen, Yang, Wu, He, Sun, precisely of the “water form.”

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