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Taijiquan and Qigong

Essential didactic tools to start learning the ancient arts of Taijiquan and Qigong, easy to understand, suitable for everyone, ideal to start practicing with more awareness even at home thanks to a clear and comprehensive guide.

Program: available videos and upcoming releases

Video courses currently available for purchase at the school for private study:

  • IACMA Water Taiji – fundamental methodology
  • Water Taiji – the 1st sequence of the form
  • Water Qigong – The natural way of Qigong

Upcoming Releases:

Gongfu Cailifo

  • Jibengong study of fundamentals
  • Siu sap Tci – The study of the cross form
  • Sap Tci Quan – Study of the form with the long stick


  • Doyin – the Taoist wellness gymnastics
  • Qigong – the strengthening of structures through energy breaths


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Video project presentation:

Volume 1: The Didactics of the School of Water Form.

This first introductory volume aims to provide theoretical-practical tools to offer to all practitioners of Taijiquan, Qigong, Yoga and internal arts, and neophytes interested in understanding these arts, immediately some interesting guidelines and enter in the universe of the body, as an instrument of practice.

Price: € 28.00

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Volume 2: The 1st part of the Taijiquan Water Form

With this second volume, we dive into the practice of the form. The form is a tool to study the three pivotal pillars of the Water School: health, defense, and culture. Taijiquan, like other disciplines of the Chinese cultural context, uses the practice of codified sequences to provide the student with a tool through which he can experience the various didactic contexts, such as the internal work “Qigong,” the fundamentals, “jibengong,” the sensory work in two “Tuishou” and the application “Sanshou.”

Price: € 28.00

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Volume 3: The Natural Way of Water Form Qigong

This volume is dedicated explicitly to fundamental Qigong, where fundamental is to be understood as the leading discipline for understanding the instrument “body.”
The internal disciplines par excellence use the body to experience the sensorium through the sensations produced by the body itself. An abstract subject that implies a profound work of transformation of the senses and their language. The body that must be equipped in internal disciplines is a body-mind-spirit that integrates sensory experience, the vision of objective reality and awareness.

Price: € 32.00

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Volume 4: The 2nd section of the Taijiquan of the water form

Following the teachings already introduced in the first volume dedicated to the first section of the Taijiquan Water Form, the present volume, dedicated to the second section, goes deeper into the application of each gesture.
Referring to the classical text of the Yijing, the practical experience of Taiji evolves on three paradigms: the earth, which expresses the form, what is manifested, the physical; the water, what moves and changes continuously, the axis of interacting forces, the center; then, the sky, the invisible, the impermanent, the psychic instinct, the consciousness.

Price: € 32,00

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Volume 5: The 3rd section of Water Form Taijiquan

With this volume, we conclude the didactic exposition on learning the 1st traditional form of the Water School Taijiquan. Many are the cues indicated in the volume both on the didactic level and for the integration of the principles, but above all to instill in the student the qualitative aspect of “flowing.”
The form presented here is a vital tool for our practice; it allows us to range across the board in the application areas of each integrated context, health, philosophical culture and defensive aspect in everyday life.

Price: € 32,00

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